Company Policy

Company Policy

Our policy is to provide the best talent to employers. To fulfill this objective we are equipped with efficient and committed workforce and infra- structure, a devotion to the cause to serve humanity and above all we believe that “with sincerity it is possible”!

Selection Process

The selection process has been designed in a way that makes us capable to select right people not once but for always. It’s been our continous endeavor to find the best deal for the people on both sides of the court.
There are two stages in our selection process.

a) Screening Analysis

A screening analysis not only helps us to eliminate underserving candidates right in the beginning but also enables the employer not to get involved in unnecessary hassle to cope-up with large numbers of candidates and not to waste their valuable time. After advertisment in local and national newspaper Our selection committiee filters out the candidates according to their profile and the job requirments taking into account the following parameters.

1.Adequate Education and work experience..

2. Language Requirements.

3. Physical Fitness.

4. Adaptability.

5. Overall Suitability for a Specific job Requirements..

b) Interview

It’s the fine juncture of the selection process in which the employer or his representative conducts the interview and selects the candidates after judging their capability for the required join. In all such instances we take full precaution and take every possible step to ensure the right candidates for our employers.