Right Choice

The Right Choice

They say “when the going gets tough the tough get going” and in today’s tough and competitive business scenario, success of any organization depends on efficient manpower. No organization can jeopardize their market presence by hiring undeserving candidates, hence we work for that cause, our proprietary skill assessment and job-match tools ensure that the given job opportunities match with abilities and interests of the candidates, so that he can enjoy a high degree of success and job satisfaction.


The employment offer or contact letter contains the details of:

1. Employers

2. Job profile and being offered

3. Remuneration being offered

4. Place & duration of contact

5. Food and Accommodation

6. Medical benefits and leaves

7. Transportation facility and other necessary information and certification

Finally an endorsement that they fully understand the items and condition of the contracts is signed.

General Orientation & Follow-up: The main objective of orientation program is to provide practical knowledge to the workers going abroad, before leaving the country e.g. pre-departure preparation, travelling security, foreign country introduction manners & legal information we follow up our candidates regarding their performance and behaviors and seek employers feedback to help us to improve the quality of our services and to maintain our reputation.